Buying a house is a very complicated process and it is even worse if you have kids. You can choose from both ready or off plan properties in Dubai. Even many villas for sale in Dubai are available to check out.  Apart from taking your needs and wants into account, you will have to consider the needs of your children as well. In this article, we will highlight important tips to consider when buying a home that is perfect to you and your family.

i.                     Involve the kids in house hunting
When house hunting it is good to involve the kids in the process especially during viewing. While it is advisable to leave kids behind during first tours to avoid distractions, you should not exclude them in the entire process. In fact, bring your kids along only if the house is a top contender.

ii.                   Look out for quality of the local schools
Most families with kids prefer to stay in a neighbourhood with quality schools. Research on the quality of schools will enable you to narrow your search and keep your house-hunting focused. Keep in mind that homes close to quality schools tend to be pricier and sell faster.  You can consider Arabian Ranches 3 villas as this community has schools, nurseries and hospitals nearby.

iii.                  Size
The size and layout of the house are huge considerations for families with kids. In most cases, a bigger house is ideal. For instance, you may require extra storage for your kid’s toys and sports equipment. Also, if you intend to live with the kids until they are grown, you may need to consider if the house will accommodate future needs.

iv.                 Don’t forget the location
Locations is a crucial factor to consider when searching for a house if you have kids. Apart from considering the proximity to schools, you will also need to consider the type of street the house is placed in. For instance, a house in a quieter place may be ideal for families with kids than on the main street.

v.                   Overall safety
Safety is a major concern especially when kids are involved. So, when looking for a house, ensure it is safe and can be easily child-proofed. For example, a house with stairs can be dangerous for a small child. Is there a way to add a gate at the top of the stairs? It is not just about the inside of the house. You should also look out for features on-site such as ponds and swimming pools that can be dangerous for the kids.


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